User Roles

There are three main Freddie Mac Access Manager user role types; Administrators, Certification Users, and Application Users (general users).  There are different levels of Administrator types which are described below.  Other user roles include Counterparty User and Certification User.

User Role Type and Levels

Below is a list of overall user types and definition for each.

User Role Type


Executive Administrator (with Primary Administrator rights)

An employee of the counterparty with the capability to create and manage Primary and Secondary Administrators and their Access Authorization across the entire counterparty structure. An Executive Administrator with Primary Administrator rights can provision new users with access to a Freddie Mac applications and add application access to an existing user.

Primary Elevated Administrator

A counterparty employee with the ability to provision access for Authorized Users to all applicable Managed Access Tools and all applicable Seller/Servicer or RTP Number(s) associated to the Authorizing Entity. A Primary Elevated Administrator will automatically receive any additional Managed Access Tools or Seller/Servicer or RTP Number(s) added to the Authorized Entity in the future.

Primary Administrator

A counterparty employee empowered to manage access authorization of Secondary Administrators as well as application access of Primary Administrators and all Application Users, as limited by their access authorization. A Primary Administrator has the second highest level of capability to provision application/general users.

Secondary Administrator

A counterparty employee created and managed by either the Primary Administrator or Executive Administrator with Primary Administrator rights to manage user application access within their access authorization. Secondary Administrators can add and remove application access from all administrator types that can hold application access such as: Executive with Primary, Primary Elevated, Primary, and other Secondary Administrators. 

Counterparty User

Refers to all users within a counterparty including Executive Administrators with Primary Administrator rights, Primary Administrators, Secondary Administrators, Certification Users and Application Users.

Application User or General User

A user that is not considered an Executive Administrator with Primary Administrator rights, Primary Administrator, or Secondary Administrator. They are users that use Freddie Mac applications and tools.

Certification User

External users assigned by Executive Administrators with Primary Administrator rights or Primary Administrators to participate in recertification campaigns to confirm user accounts or user access for a given counterparty. Certification Users do not require Freddie Mac application access.


Freddie Mac Access Manager Assumptions

When using Freddie Mac Access Manager there are some assumptions that will be helpful to keep in mind:

Add or Replace an Administrator

When your organization initially implemented Access Manager, administrators were identified and assigned for Access Manager tasks, such as granting and controlling access to Freddie Mac tools. There are scenarios when your organization may need to adjust and/or edit current Administrator assignments. Some examples may be:

The Access Manager Administration Registration allows you to add additional administrators or replace an existing one. Here is the link to the Freddie Mac Access Manager Administrator Form - Freddie Mac Single-Family Registration.






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